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Baseball season is over. Baseball is really fun because all the teams get together and have a bunch of BBQ’s together it’s super duper fun. When it’s game time whatever coach you get the coach assigns you to every position during the game. My coach says he wants  me to work on my hitting and when I perfect my hitting he wants to see me at the try outs for baseball, so I am really excited !! If you make prospects you can go to so many different places to go play baseball. I played house baseball with a lot of my friends, some were on my team and some were on other teams. I got one of my friends to join baseball next year. I told him that it is the perfect season to join baseball next year because there is going to be a lot of first year pewee’s there so he is all excited! Hopefully you guys try baseball next year because it is a great experience.

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Me being the Helm on the boat

Me being the Helm of the boat

Come on wind pick it up! A lot of people get frustrated by the wind when they are sailing a Catamaran because the wind is like the motor for the Catamaran. Sailing was the wettest, most fun, most frozen experience that I have ever had!! If you ever sail you should go to Compass Adventure because they have the best instructors in the world. Sailing has so many rules you have to learn before you actually go out on the water you especially have to learn how to set up the Catamaran. I am going to tell you what jobs there is on the boat once you are on the water, there is ,Helm, the helm is the person steering the boat and there is two helms on the right side and the left side, the reason that is because when the wind changes direction the sail turns to the other side of the boat, so that is why we have two helms. Another job is when the boat is going out of the harbor there is no wind so one at the front of the boat they grab the p addle and start paddling until you are out of the harbor. Another job is in the open water both people at the front of the boat are look outs for both helms just in case the helms don’t see anything that the boat can get damaged by.

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SAR (Search and Rescue)



Would you ever jump out of a plane with a parachute on, that is almost as high as the C.N Tower? In my opinion I would never jump out of the plane even if my life depended on it. My school had SAR tech’s jump out of the Buffalo, a Buffalo is a type of plane that SAR tech’s jump out of with their parachutes, and they landed in the middle of my school’s soccer field!

After the SAR tech’s landed our whole school met them and one of the questions someone asked is ” How many times have you jumped out of the plane” and the SAR tech said “I have only jump out of the plane 145 times” in a french accent. Everybody said ” That’s a lot of times but the SAR tech said ” No that is not a lot of jumps” then he pointed to another SAR tech and said” He has jumped at least 1300 times”. That’s  a lot of jumps!

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My All-Time Top 10 Favourite Hockey Players

Steven StamkosHi everybody,

I am making a post about my all time favorite hockey players. You guys can leave me some comments to tell me who your favorite hockey player or players are.

10. Anze Kopitar

9. Drew Doughty

8. Jerome Iginla

7. Shea Weber

6. Zdeno Chara

5. Sidney Crosby

4. Patrick Kane

3. Jonathan Toews

2. Alex Ovechkin

And my all time favorite hockey player is ………  Steven Stamkos!!

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Mount Washinton: Best Place on Vancouver Island

Mount Washinton

Mount Washington

Hi everybody,

I think the best place on Vancouver Island is Mount Washington in the Comox Valley it is only 45 minutes from downtown Comox. Once you get up to this snowy paradise you will first have to pay your ticket, then if you do not have skiing or snowboarding equipment you will have to rent equipment at Mount Washington’s rental store and if you have equipment you probably but your boots on near you car and just but your Ski’s or your snowboard near the mountain.

There are tons of runs up at Mount Washington my personal all time favorite is the Terrain Park. The Terrain Park is full of enormous jumps both launchers and kickers, they also have a variety of sick grinds. There is also really amazing Black Diamond Moguls. A lot of  you guys probably don’t now what Black Diamond means, well Black Diamond means it is a level of hardness, the easiest level is Green=beginner, Blue=intermediate and Black=expert.

Mount Washington

Mount Washington

In the summer time you can mountain bike! I love to mountain bike, Mount Washington has the most sickest mountain bike trails in the world. Their trails levels are the same exact as skiing and snowboarding. My favourite place to go to mountain biking is the jump park but it is closed right now which absolutely sucks. While your Mountain Biking you have to wear the following equipment: Full face helmet,  shin pads, elbow pads and mountain biking shoes.